It’s Our Vacation Preference!

Cancun, Mexico

Let us tell you how we can share our membership privileges with you….

Everyone has their favorite vacation destination, but spend a few moments with us on this link while we tell you what’s so special about PALACE RESORTS in Cancun, Mexico. We’ve been members there since 1999. We usually go to Mexico in late February/early March to dodge the winter doldrums in Boone, North Carolina, but we’ve also been there in July and September.

With normal late February temperatures in the high seventies to low eighties, it is the perfect get-away during mid-winter. Summer temps can be quite warm (no more so that our coastal beaches), but with a pleasant breeze, water everywhere and air conditioned facilities a summer week can be delightful…and regardless of the time of year the week is all inclusive. We upgraded our membership recently, so with the VIP black bracelet you will receive at check-in, you can enjoy the same perks we enjoy. We believe that when you compare this “package” with other comparable vacation options, Palace Resorts will be your preference.

Here’s how it works:

As members of Palace Resorts we have the opportunity to purchase an all-inclusive week at any of the Palace resorts at a reduced rate. In the northern tip of the Yucatan (Cancun and the Mayan Rivera a few miles south), there are 8 resorts from which to choose, all offering the same amenities:

(1) THE HOTEL ZONE (Cancun Center)

LaBlanc: The flagship of the Palace fleet…fantastic spa!
Sun Palace
Beach Palace
Cancun Palace: Completely renovated, modern high-rise facilities on the ocean.

(8 kilometers from Cancun’s international airport. All three resorts are adjacent with lobby-to-lobby transportation.)

Moon Palace Nizuc: Our first visit to Cancun was spent in Moon Nizuc.
Moon Sunrise: We most recently stayed here in late February/early March, 2012.
Moon Grand: A brand new facility. We’ll be going here next!
Aventura: A bit further down, near the ruins at Tulum. Wonderful spa, We love it here…a broad lagoon, excellent for snorkeling. Individual palapas spread across a high rock mass provide dramatic views of the Caribbean. We’ve been here several times and love it.
Playa del Carma: Near Aventura. The resort is situated in the tiny village of Playa del Carma. Explore unique shops and bars and immediate ocean access.

Curious about any of these?

Simply click here to visit the Palace Resorts website, and click on the menu tab entitled “Resorts and Destination.” From here you can visit the page of any facility of interest. For example, click on Palace Resorts Sunrise or Palace Resorts Aventura…etc.


In recent years Palace Resorts has opened luxurious facilities in other locations in Mexico (Isla Mujeraes, Cozumel, Punta Cana, and Puerto Vallarta), but we have never been to these resorts. Should one of these locations to be your preference, you can go to one of these new facilities on our membership.


Okay, you have the names of all the Palace Resorts facilities…now the super good stuff that comes with resorts in the HOTEL ZONE and MAYAN RIVERA. Depending on the weekly rate (and this is driven by high-season, low-season, etc.), once you arrive at the front desk and enjoy glass of champagne while you register, you do not have to spend one thin dime until you check out a week later. (There are nice gift/souvenir shops where you can spend as much money as you wish, but unless you want to buy something special you will not have to spend anything during your week.)


* Complimentary transportation to/from the resort facility and Cancun’s international airport.
* Complimentary wine/liquor/water/soft drinks in your room…to go along with with your own Jacuzzi.
* Complimentary massage (for 2 persons)
* Complimentary manicure & pedicure (2 persons)
* Complimentary drinks (sodas, liquor,wine, beer, etc.) at any time of your choosing.
* Complimentary 3-4-5 course dinners at numerous resort restaurants.
* Complimentary (full) breakfasts and lunches and in between snacks.
* Complimentary tours to a wide assortment of options; The ruins at Chichen Itza and Tulum, zip-lining through the jungle, snorkeling and kayaking, miniature golf, etc. Do as much or as little as you want to do; many tours are part of your package and come without additional cost.
* Complimentary admission to all evening shows. Palace Resorts is doing a major up-grade with the quality of its evening entertainment. (While we were at Moon Sunrise we just missed Enrique Iglesias and Patch Adams!)
* Complimentary lobby-to-lobby transportation. (Go from Moon Palace Sunrise to Moon Palace Grand for lunch or dinner. Your bracelet allows you to visit any Palace Resorts facility at no cost.)
* Complimentary (free) long-distance calls to the United States from all Palace Resorts facilities.

…and there is no required tipping. (We tend to modestly tip porters, manicurists and pedicurists, but for the most part tipping is discouraged…and all pools have walk-up bars!


1. First, go to the Internet and check the over-the-counter prices at the Palace Resorts facility where you are interested in vacationing. It could be they are running a special. Shop around…visit Sandals…
compare prices. (Remember, our membership entitles 2 persons to an all-inclusive week! Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.)

2. Next, contact us for the member’s price for the week you wish to spend in Cancun.
Telephone: 1.828.264.0685

If you can find a better price elsewhere, jump on it! If not, we will be glad to help you in planning your trip, etc.

Keep in mind that some resort facilities that do not offer the all- inclusive feature will most likely be cheaper than an all-inclusive week through us. However, if you have to purchase an all-inclusive supplement in order to enjoy all the “freebies”, beware! These daily supplements can be very pricy.

ONE OTHER POINT: If a wedding is in your plans (or you have friends or family planning a destination wedding in the near future) talk with us about the financial advantages of working through us for this special occasion.

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