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The Private Diary of Noyes Capehart is a beautifully designed and printed hard cover book by Dancingfish Press. It features nearly two hundred works by Noyes, most of which are in full color. This 160 page book covers fifty years of picture making and features his Diary pictures from the early 1970’s to the present. In the accompanying manuscript Noyes discloses the relationship between his life experiences and pictures. He shares with the reader the formative years of his career, the evolution of his visual and technical priorities, major themes, the origin of the Diary series, and the kinship between his writing and visual works. The Private Diary of Noyes Capehart is a different kind of art book. It’s a must for collectors and is the perfect gift for the art lovers on your list.

The Private Diary of Noyes Capehart is now available for $30, plus $6.00 to cover media rate postage, handling, and current NC sales tax, if applicable.

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One Response to Purchase a Book

  1. Greetings.
    I am planning on purchasing a copy this week and wondered if Mr. Capehart would sign the book?
    It will either be purchased under the name Jarrod or Kelley Becker.