“I’ve never been one to consider technique, or process, as anything other than a mean’s to an end. This is not to say that I don’t derive a great deal of pleasure from working with my materials, but rather that my ultimate objective is always the picture. I think of most of my Diary pictures as short stories, and what I’m finding when I step back and look at these works is that my passions for writing and picture making are becoming one. I know I’m becoming something of a mutation, but that’s alright with me.”

— from The Private Diary of Noyes Capehart


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A Grave Mistake

(Private Collection)

I knew from that first day in the asylum…no, even from that first anguished moment, that my coming was a grave mistake.

Self-Portrait as a Venetian

(Private Collection)

Absolute Audacity

When the officer entered the gallery and observed the absolute audacity of Matisse, his joy was boundless. Notwithstanding the water, he danced to his heart’s content.

The Parade

On that day I arrived early, obsessed with securing the most desirable position possible for the coming parade.

Four From The Sea

(Private Collection)

They came, four from the sea and, lastly, the one sent by thee.

Double Portrait

When she sat for the portrait she concealed her thoughts, as one who keeps secrets in a jar.

The Rapture


(Private Collection)

The Writer

And some will say it was all happenstance, but I do not count myself in such company.

Morning in the Mind of Poe

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